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Chapter 1 : The Beginning : Issue #1

A woman of love and peace
Travels the world alone.
Within her eyes were the world of song
that stilled the animals' feet.
They danced for her, in the moonlight
to show their love so strong,
Then into the night she fled
Leaving her still soft tune.
Into the fires below, she runs
Given over to love's defeat,
Then into the light, on winged soles,
She gives her song to the skies.
No more alone does a woman travel,
But in the light she moves
For in that light is her greatest love,
Two souls that beat in harmony

The Bards Of Elisair

A travel worn musician, a bard, makes her way to the town of Lintair, the capital of the Province of Firinn in the Kingdom of Elisair. While loved by all she dislikes the attention, though the coin is welcome from time to time. With the coming festival and her haunted memories, what will this trip bring Adrian The Bard?

Welcome to the first issue of The Bards Of Elisair

I have been working on this tale for many years and have been hesitant to do more with it then I had. Right now the tale, as of this post, is only half-way done and it is already 252 large print pages. So I will have a lot of material to be able to work from.

For those that have see my work on Elisair you know that I have the ability to get the job done, I have just never taken on a project like this one before, other then writing for Musings From Us. This will indeed be a challenge as I am having to retrain myself to do things I have not done in decades as far as sketching and inking goes, so be patient and I am sure that you will enjoy the show.

Right now the comic is in black and white but you will also notice that there are subtle bits of shading here and there that are not ink. Those lines and smudges that you see are actually pencil lines and I decided to leave most of them there as they actually added more to the image then if they were completely take away. So your eyes are not going wonky on you, the image of the comic is supposed to look that way.

So for now enjoy the comic and feel free to comment on what you see here!