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Chapter 1 : Nearing Lintair : Issue #2

A pleasant day in all as Adrian rides to Lintair. She is to play the festival this year when she would rather play to the animals playing in the road around her. They always seemed to do that when she was around and in truth felt more joy with them then the people that she played for.

It was as if she was part of the world of the animals & they warmly welcomed her there. She felt closer to them & joyed in playing for them.

Thinking of them & how they accepted her always brought a smile to her face & would warm her heart. But...

She had promised Marra & Telgar, the owners of the tavern of lamps, that she would play the merchants ball this year. They set the job up & she would not disappoint her dearest friends.

Issue No.2 of The Bards Of Elisair with more characters

Here is the second page of the comic. I hope that you will all enjoy it. I know some of it might look rough but this is the first time that I have attempted to make a comic and for the past 20 years have been drawing everything on the computer. With this comic I have once again picked up the pencil to sketch the story and then use pen and ink to bring it to life.

In this issue we see Adrian as she is nearing the town of Lintair, the capital city of the Ducal Province of Firinn. She doesn’t really want to be here right now but she did promise to help her friends with the upcoming Merchant Festival.