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Chapter 1 : The Beginning : Friend Of Animals : issue #3

Thinking of the times she played for the animals would sometimes bring tears to here eyes.

When she played for them it was as if she were the center of their universe as they gathered to listen to her.

And when she would finish playing they would bring her food and treasures that only nature could provide.

They loved her and would never let harm come to her. They were her friends and she was a friend to all animals

Issue No.3 of The Bards Of Elisair

This week we see how at home Adrian is when she is out and about in the wilds of Elisair. She has almost always been more at home and at peace when she is in the wilderness playing to the animals.

I promise you that you will find out why as the comic moves forward and there will indeed be dialog but things have to be setup and set in motion so that you know just what it is that is happening to her and the friends that she loves. It is the desire to be alone and with the animals that will ultimately lead her into the arms of the man that she will come to love…. If you can really call him a “man”.

He he, you will just have to keep reading to find out what it is that I am talking about.

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