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Chapter 1 : The Beginning : Musical Talents : issue #4

As to Adrian's musical talents, she had no equal, though she would never admit it to herself or to others.

As a child she lived on the street, causing her to doubt herself and music was her only release

So acute was her ear for music, if she heard it played off key or just wrong she would cringe and go into a rage. This made her unable to really teach the music she loved.

Once she slapped a nobleman's son, her student, for a simple cording mistake. That cost her dearly and forced her back into the wilderness she loved.

Here is the next comic. Even with everything going on it it, it actually went rather smoothly. I guess it is because I am getting more comfortable drawing again. In this one you will also notice that there is more pencil in the mix. To me it just looks better with less ink and a bit more pencil. In some ways it goes from being a 2 color comic to being more of a 3 or 4 color comic.

In this issue you are able to see two other versions of Adrian, one when she was a child and another when she was in her teens. This woman has had a rough beginning but it has made her all the stronger.

I am sure by issue # 300 or so I will finally have a definite style that will be there all the time. Till then just enjoy the ride and the story, even it it seems more of an graphic novel instead of a comic at the moment. Remember, I did say the story comes from a half written book that I did and most of the book actually is conversation, we just have to get through the setup first.