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Chapter 1 : The Beginning : Sanctuary In Sight : Issue #6

The day's travels and her own thoughts lay heave on her as she entered Lintair. Not wanting to be easily recognized she chose a side street into the poorer part of town. All she wanted now was a warm bed, old friends and a mug of good ale to wash away the dust from her travels. Not caring for fancy rooms or fancy pleasures she headed for the wharf where most would not go unless they needed to and then usually with an armed guard. It was in this area that an old friend of hers ran an inn where her identity was a sacred as the hair of the goddess Aqualontair. The Tavern Of Lamps.

Adrian has made her way into Lintair and is now using the back streets to avoid attention as she makes her way to The Tavern Of Lamps. She is looking forward to some rest from her travels.