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Chapter 1 : The Beginning : Ravishes Of Music : issue #7

You might wonder why a woman as plain as Adrian would try and hide
herself and keep her name secret.

Simply put she was the one and only student of the King of Elisair, Clisair, and against her wishes and to the
enjoyment and mirth of the King, the heir to the Guild Head of Bards.

She felt that such honors should belong to more experienced musicians, not someone of such lowly birth as her own. She was so critical of her own talents that she felt that her own works were not good enough even though others would would hear her play thought different of her music.

No matter where she went or how poorly she played people were always amazed and
enchanted by her songs. Those who
listened were so amazed by her voice and filled with passion from her playing that most would just sit for hours, as if in a trance, after her songs were done. Should just could not understand why they were this way with her and her music.

Her reasons for playing were her own and very special and dear to her. It was not for love of money but for the love of life itself and her love of nature that had given her the ability to capture just about any sound and put it to music. It was also the losses that she suffered that gave her the passion to play as she does now. It was the ability to mimic and play any sound that mystified scholars the most and it would also lay enchantment on any who would hear her play. A talent that kept her safe when she was traveling the wilds, though she didn't know it.

We now see some of what Adrian has about playing in public. As to the flow of the comic so far, I am sure you have noticed that it is going more along the lines of a graphic novel instead of the usual comics that you see on the net. It is just the way that I chose to do it, considering that I am pulling all of the information directly from a story that I have been working on for many years.