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Chapter 1 : The Beginning : The Tavern Of Lamps : Issue #8

There in front of Adrian, while she was thinking of the past, as she passed through cobble-stoned streets was the Tavern Of Lamps. It was an old dock warehouse and not all that remarkable. It had many years on it and patches of paint that spanned many years, much of it missing in places. The only visible signs that it got any use were the freshly and well oiled doors and the sign that hung above it with the carving of a lamp on it.

Inside could be found lamps of almost every kind, some as old as 80,000 years old and rumored to have come from some distant world that the elves had escaped from. A world filled with senseless wars, religious intolerance and the persecution of anyone that was different. That had to be only legends for how could such beauty come from such a place?

As to the interior of the tavern itself, the most unsettling thing about it when first entering was that it seemed that no two lamps were the same. Whether by design or happenstance, that just was the way that it was. The Tavern Of Lamps!

Sorry for the delay on this one, but at least it still is Monday. I had a busy week running for Congress at the Wewahitchka Tupelo Honey Festival

This one took quite a while and you will see that I did not fully ink the last panel. I left it mostly pencil but you can still see a great bit of detail in it. In amongst those tables and columns, if you look carefully, you will see Telgar and Marra manning the bar. Even Adrian is in there chatting it up as someone else does the singing. I hope that you all enjoy this one as much as I did drawing it.