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Chapter 1 : The Beginning : The Legend Of The Lamp : issue #9

In all of Elisair there was not a finer collection of lamps, there is even a ledged about it's collection. The way that it goes is that a previous owner had once hired someone to catalogue and count each and every lamp in the place. That person spent a great deal of time and effort to make the count as accurate as possible, so much so that some say it caused his death.

When the scholar was nearing the end of his count, he had all of his scrolls and books ready to give to the owner when tragedy struck. As he was passing the fireplace a patron ran into him and caused the poor man to drop his work right into the magicked fire. In an instant his work was gone. The man started screaming about spending 3 years of 12 hours days counting and recording and then he just fell over, unmoving.

Adrian had heard the tale many different ways and just passed them off as stories till one day she met an old man in the streets mumbling to himself. When she asked if he was ok he started screaming about lamps and loosing count as he ran away. She never doubted the stories again after that.

Now we get into why the Lamp is the way that it is. It has a funny tale to go with its many lights and even though it might seem tragic it is not as bad as it first seems.

If any of you want to know what the old man’s name is, it is not actually part of the story line, it is Dyn Wallgof. Loosely translated from Welsh it means insane man. Though you might enjoy tha5t little tidbit. He is not being included with the cast as this is the only time that he appears in the story.