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Chapter 1 : Greeting Old Friends : Issue #11

Telgar: Is that so bad? You play here ALL the time... That is when you ARE here!

Adrian: I know, But I know everyone here, besides, I really don't like to flaunt my music. You know that.

Telgar: Yes I do. It took me two solid years of free meals and one of my best rooms to get you to play.

Telgar: Sometimes I wonder if you wouldn't be happier in some deserted place playing to yourself and the animals all day long

Adrian: What you say is true. I'll get over it.

Adrian: Ever since the king took me in six years ago, I've lived pretty much alone.

Adrian: I haven't seen him in the past three, since my training was completed. Any word?

Marra: You haven't heard?

Here is the next installment of Adrian’s adventures. Right now we have her horse stabled and is now going into The Lamp with Telgar, chatting about old times. The person off page is that of Telgar’s wife Marra. As to what she has to say you will just have to wait till the next issue.

By the way, I am trying out a different kind of paper and so far it is doing well. Just have to be careful with the hands as it smudges fairly easily but accepts ink really well. Also allows for some more subtle pencil lines that I am liking a lot.