Here is a layout of the first floor of The Tavern Of Lamps. It is a converted warehouse on the docks of Lintair. It is situated between the poor district and the start of the merchant district. From the outside it is not that spectacular and the only indication that it is used is the occasional replaced board and the freshly painted doors that enter into the commons. Most respectable people tend to avoid it because of the clientele that frequent the place. You would almost never see a member of the baronial guard or the city watch in this place. At least not that you would know for they would not wear anything in her that might show them as such.

One of the best things about the Lamp is the fact that Adrian is known to frequent the place. Also with the change of ownership in recent years the place has been getting a more favorable reputation. So much so that you will occasionally see nobles, younger ones to be sure, seen in the place. They see it as a new fad or thing to do to be on the in with the common people and get a bit of excitement going to the seedier part of town.

Those that normally go to the Lamp do so to get away from the city and to just wash away their troubles with a bit of ale or some exotic drink that Telgar finds from time to time. Some of it due to his relationship with Adrian. Those that frequent the place have noticed that the food has been better of late since Telgar got himself a wife. Marra is becoming known in the area as one of the best cooks along the docks.