Here is the second floor of The Tavern Of Lamps. You will notice that it has rooms set aside for Adrian herself. When ever she is staying at The Lamp she is always in this room. Considering that it is always available for her you might wonder if it is ever rented out at all.

There are 2 other floors for the Inn, a third floor and that of the basement. An interesting thing about the basement, it is partly below the waterline of the docks but it never seems to get wet down there. It is where Telgar stores all of his special vintages that he wishes to age to perfection. He has yet to figure out how to open the trapdoor that he has found in the basement. That door goes even deeper below Lintair and the bay that Lintair sits on.

As to the main comic I will be returning to doing another episode later next week. It has been really busy as I have been setting up a Redbubble account and doing some side jobs.

Hope you enjoy the map and if you have a chance go see what is up at Redbubble as well.