While I am trying to make money and get some side projects taken care of I am going to start putting up various maps that I have created while that were made while I was developing the story. That way when I have not had a chance to get things done on the main story you will still have something to see and talk about.

As you will see from the map image, which was done with pen and ink, the map was drawn in 1994. You might think that fairly old but the Original original map that it was taken from was done in or about 1984. As you can see I have had these stories in my head for quite some time. I even use them for gaming purposes as well at times so you know I have a great many maps indeed. Some of the maps were only half finished so now I have a reason to finish them so that you can see them.

As to chapters, I am simply calling it Maps of Elisair so that they can be included all in one section. I expect as time goes on it will become a rather large chapter. The first half of the story line could conceivably have a few dozen maps and buildings to start with. Then as things progress I will start doing some of them over in watercolor and might even sell some of them as prints at a later date and time.